Port Services

Intermodal Drayage

Golden Port Services is an intermodal drayage trucking company. Our company focuses on Non-Hazmat Ocean and Rail intermodal container shipments in the Pacific Northwest, servicing the Port of Tacoma and Port of Seattle.  We provide you with consistent, reliable and honest service in a timely, professional manner.

  • Port / Rail to Door
  • Door to Port / Rail
  • Shipper to Port / Rail
  • Port / Rail to Shipper

Port Handling Services

Whether your shipments move within the United States or Overseas, the Golden Port Team offers a full range of port services to keep your shipments moving to their final destination. Our excellent track record is made possible by our quality focused warehouse and Port teams, complemented with strong driver dedication.

Working closely with our strategic business partners, we:

  • Consolidate freight
  • Trans-load
  • De-Van over the road trucks
  • Containerize cargo
  • Import and export
  • Transport to Alaska, Hawaii or overseas
  • Line haul across the region

Our full service office, warehouse and yards have been strategically located for easy access to terminals, rail ramps and freight driver pick-up or delivery. Port handling services include:

  • Customs Clearance
  • In-house logistics broker
  • Dispatch Program
  • Interchange Agreements
  • Container Pier Drayage
  • Container Stuffing / Unstuffing
  • Documentation
    • Monitoring & Tracing
    • Generating OBL & Line Haul Bills
    • Correspondence
    • Notifications

Documentation Service Only

The Golden Port Team is pleased to ensure that all of our customers shipments, even those not consigned directly to Golden, receive special attention. We will monitor, trace, route, correspond and provide timely status updates for our customers.

Line Haul Services

Golden recognizes there may be the need to move a shipment from the port facility to other areas in the Pacific Northwest Region for final delivery. In an effort to provide full service to our customers, we offer dedicated and full service logistics options to Washington, Oregon, and Idaho destinations.

Notes: Fuel Surcharge on line haul is based on weekly On-Highway Diesel Prices for West Coast

Complete Dock Services

Port ServicesWe have created a company that can effectively and efficiently handle your warehouse needs. Our knowledgeable staff brings years of experience and best practices to the table to provide you with excellent service. The warehouse team is fully equipped and available to off-load, warehouse handle and re-load your shipment seamlessly.

  • Transload
  • Crossdock
  • Consolidate/Deconsolidate

The Golden Services Advantage

Moving internationally or within the United States, you may take advantage of Golden Services unique combination of Port, Logistics, Moving and Storage Services. We specialize in making your move easy. Golden has the tools and experience to take you through the entire moving process, from beginning to end.

When moving to the United States, Golden has a unique advantage of being able to receive your belongings at our Port Operations division and quickly moving the shipment to our quality moving teams, expediting your moving process.