Hazardous Items List

Federal regulations PROHIBIT the movement of the following items:

Paint Thinner Bleach Paint/Varnish Remover Varnish
Adhesives Turpentine Fingernail Polish Remover BBQ Starting Fluid
Kerosene Matches Wood Stains Shellac
Cleaning Fluids Flares Gasoline Wood Filler
Alcohol Lighter Fluids Solvents Charcoal
Ammonia Paint Liquor* Laquer
*Military ok if less than 1 gallon
Aerosol Cans
Household Cleaners Hair Spray and Products Air Fresheners
Paint Engine Starting Fluids Deodorant
Insecticides Toxic/Corrosive Substances Car Cleaning Products
Compressed Gases
Propane Tanks* Welding Gases Fire Extinguishers
Scuba Diving Tanks* Oxygen Tanks* Helium Tanks*
*Cannot be moved, even if empty
Explosive Materials
Dynamite Explosive War Mementos Propellants
Fireworks Black Powder Primers
Batteries Ammunition Smoke Devices
Smokeless Powder Lawn & Garden Chemicals