Green Efforts

Recycle:  Cardboard, Brown and White Paper

All used moving paper products are either re-used on additional shipments for packaging purposes or are bailed and compacted for recycle company to pick up.

2014 – Cardboard and Paper Products Recycled 290,240#

Recycle:  Wood Containers and Pallets

Once the life of a wood crate or pallet has been exhausted, all wood products are broken down and hauled to a special wood recycling company in the area.

2014 – Wood Products Recycled 439,600#

Recycle:  Plastic Products

Bubble wrap, plastic tape and shrink wrap materials are bailed and banded for pickup by a local recycle center.

Recycle:  Metal Banding, Appliances and Used Filing Cabinets

Crates are filled with all metal items for pickup by a local metal recycling center.

Paperless Billing:  Electronic Invoicing

In today’s business world, we have found considerable efforts being made to be environmentally conscious. In support of this movement, we have changed to a paperless billing process. With our customer’s permission, we will go paperless on all correspondence.

Recycle:  Toner Cartridges

Golden Services uses Toshiba Copier/Printer/Fax machines, which partners with Close the Loop, Inc., to recycle spent imaging supplies.  All Toshiba waste products are collected and returned to the organization for recycle.

Warehouse Lights:  Motion Only

In 2012, all warehouse lighting was converted to motion sensored only.  This feature has reduced the amount of electricity wasted when lighting is unnecessary and the warehouse is not being used.